What people are saying about

        Phyllis Taylor Sparks


KEDM FM/Monroe, LA: Adrienne LaFrance —
"I just received
Harp Horizons and have listened to a few of the tracks and am very excited to air several on my show Nocturnes, lullabies for adults. I know my listeners will enjoy Ms. Sparks just as much as I have! Please continue to consider our station for any new music that you would like to air."

KAJX/Aspen, CO: Neil Jung, MD — "We have several eclectic shows that may play this record."

WUTC/Chattanooga, TN: Rabbit Zielkie — Producer Celtic Harvest/Sunrise programs, "Lovely work."

CKWR/Waterloo, Ontario CAN: Tom Quick, Director — "Very enjoyable. I will have the pleasure of using this CD on my Christmas show. Look forward to more delights from your catalogue."

WPLN/Nashville, TN: Rob Gordon, GM - “ONE OF A KIND. BEAUTIFUL”

KBCT/Waco, TX: Jerry Lenamon, GM

WMRA/Harrisonburg, VA: Chuck Sott, Music Director

KAHM/Prescott, AZ: Nancy Silverstein, Music Director — "Look forward to hearing more, especially standards!"

New Additions:
NPR and WXPN FM/Philadelphia, PA
— Bob Bittner, PD
WGPR/Detroit, MI — Rosetta Loving, PD
WHRV/Norfolk, VA
KSDS/San Diego, CA
KCCA/Colorado City, AZ
KFIT/Melbourne, FL
WSIE FM/St Louis, MO
KEDM FM/Monroe, LA
KYDS FM/Sacramento, CA
KFUO/St. Louis
— Chuck Rathert, PD


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Celtic Harp Sparks!

Harp For Christmas

I Remember You

Heart Strings

Accents for Solo Harp

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What radio stations are playing Phyllis Sparks' CDs and what are some are saying about her? Read Below...

WOMR/Provincetown, MA
"Thanks for this CD and we look forward to other new releases." — Diana Fabbri, Operations Mgr (Favorite track picks #3, #5, #6)

WFIT/Orlando, FL
"Over the next few weeks, I intend to air cuts 1-7,
9, 10, and 12. All the best, Eric." — Eric Blankman, host and PD of "Future Echoes," airing Sun 9:00am (EDT)

WBAA/West Lafayette, IN
"Nice! They have endless potential." — Ken Coles, PD

WJIB/Cambridge, MA: "We'll be airing all cuts on WJIB, Boston Station! Excellent CD!!" — Bob Bittner, GM

WJMJ/Bloomfiend, CT: "Please add us to your mailing address. Thank you!" — Fred Swanson, PD

KLUX/Corpus Christie, TX: "Good Stuff!" — Russ Martin, PD

KAMU/College Station, TX: "Very Good. Keep us on your mailing list." — Rick Howard, PD

KBWC/Marshall, TX: "We are primarily a jazz station. This album is fantastic. May I have a copy of Heart Strings?" — Clarice Watkins, PD

KWXY/Palm Springs, CA: "Fits our format like a glove." — Larry Collins, GM

KFPR/Chico, CA: "Very Good. Thank you for your support." — Daniel Atkinson, PD