“In memory of our beautiful Fiona (2006-2017), we have set up a K9 Cancer Research Grant for Purdue University's Small Animal Cancer Research Department. Please consider making a donation to help find a cure for this horrible disease. Any amount will help. 100 % of the money donated will go directly to their research and for much needed equipment. This is not a donation for Fiona's treatment but is to help find a cure for K9 cancer. “ 

You can donate to:

Purdue Foundation Research Grant

c/o Nick Sparks

P.O. Box 41807

Nashville, TN 37204

Dog Agility People please watch for future fundraising “show & go’s”  TBA as “The Agility Weekend” travels to various cities around the USA.

The second week in May 2015, Fiona was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. She just turned 9. Her agility career is huge. Multiple national titles in 4 different venues. Lifetime achievement awards in all venues. Nationals placements - multiple times. Hosted a national TV show on dog agility. Extremely talented in the sport of agility. 

Each year for her birthday we host an agility fun run for rescues. She came from a rescue!  Because she has not only stayed alive for an additional two years but also added to her accolades, we wanted to present to Purdue University Small Animal Cancer Center (West Lafayette IN),  who kept her alive and most importantly thriving, a small grant to help with their research.   Dr. Knapp heads this nationally known  department. Our goal is to help these wonderful people find a way to stop this terminal disease for other dogs. 

Thank you to those who attended and contributed to her Birthday Bash for the past two years.  This was fantastic!!  Please consider donating to this ongoing fight to a school that is redefining K9 cancer.  We would love to see that NO OTHER pups have to go through this challenge.  We understand that these treatments may also be applicable to humans in the foreseeable future.  Every tiny step could be the one that will change the course of this disease. 

The goal is set low but the need is very high. Please donate. 

This is for Purdue to find a cure!  Make ALL CHECKS to the PURDUE FOUNDATION.  An online donation page will be available soon.

About DR KNAPP: https://www.cancerresearch.purdue.edu/our-community/our-stories/debbie-knapp