Nashville Harp Rental has a select number of pedal and lever harp rentals available in the Nashville, TN area. (Outside areas will be considered on an individual basis). Renting a harp is a great way for students of all ages to start on an instrument they have always wanted to learn. Adults and younger students can choose a harp suitable to their hands.

Harps are subject to availability and range in size from 26 strings to 47 strings. Many people choose a rental to try playing a harp before making a major investment. The pedal harp is a good option for the lever harpist who may be looking to move up to a larger instrument.

Harps available for rental (subject to availability) include the following:
Camac Pedal Harp   *   Salvi Julia 34 string Folk Harp   *   Lyon & Healy 85 XP   *   L & H Folk Harp   *     29 string Rosewood Harp   * Dusty Strings 36S  *  26 string Harpsicle  * L&H Troubadour VI Harp  *  Venus Pedal Harp  *  Salvi Pedal Harp*

Why rent a harp for my event?

All harps come with a tuning key and cover. (Renter is responsible for all insurance and any string replacement and maintenance costs.)

For further information on harps and availability contact:
Heart Strings, Inc. & Nashville Harp Rental

P.O. Box 41807
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: (615) 333-0804

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