Ms Sparks has been teaching music lessons since the age of 14.   She has taught many students that have gone on to have professional careers and attended major universities.  She enjoys teaching students of all ages focusing on the Grandjany harp method for that “perfectly exquisite” harp sound.  Ms Sparks enjoys working with many different levels of student such as the younger player having just discovered the harp or the older beginner that has always wanted to learn to play.  “ Every student and performer has their own voice.  In teaching, I am helping each person to find theirs. I consider harp to be the instrument I use to express my voice.  It is the way I am creating the music I wish to share.  I never tire of finding new ways to express it.”  Phyllis Taylor Sparks


“On a whim, I decided to learn the harp. Even though, I had never had ANY music lessons and was well over 50 years old, Phyllis willingly took me on as a student. She is an excellent teacher with her patient demeanor. I have learned so much more than I imagined I could. Phyllis knows just when to demand more and when to explain more. She is such an accomplished musician and to think I am learning from one of the best! Very pleasant to be around. I look forward to our weekly lessons.”  G Petty



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60 minute lessons

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All ages

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Tennessee State University

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Private lessons offered weekly. 

Pedal or Celtic harp

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Nashville, TN or via SKYPE.