Recording - 1,500 S.F. studio focusing on live musicians.  Grand Piano, Pro Tools HD, the best microphones and grammy awarded experience makes recoding at Eclectic Productions the place to work.

Mixing - Mixing can be accomplished anywhere and it should be done where it’s going to be played back.  On Site Mix was created to fill the need for professional mixing at the site of playback.  Mixing at Eclectic Productions includes not only multi speaker referencing but Pro Tools HD and Universal Audio analog emulation.  There is nothing left out in the mix process.

Production - Vocal production is a primary focus at Eclectic.  I pride myself on working directly with artist to achieve exactly what they are feeling in a song.

Show Productions - Eclectic has a team of producers and writers with years of experience in show production.  Our team will make sure your project is our primary focus.  Tell us what you want and we will give you more.

Video Editing - This is a field of production that is a 3D version of audio production.  It has become in a very short period of time the new and exciting world of production.  We want to make Eclectic the place you think of for video editing.