Nick Sparks


The Eclectic history is somewhat lengthy.  It began in 1970 when my parents brought home a drum for me.  That was it - I was hooked on music and rhythm.  What was to follow was years of distracted focus.

I played drums and then keyboards and added in there was computers.  Yep, I started working on computers in the mid 70s.  At no point in time was music not a part of my daily life.  Baylor awarded me a degree in Entrepreneurship and then next year Belmont bestowed on me a degree in Music Business.  That led to years on music row working on many major Nashville projects.

Eclectic Productions grew shortly after my arrival to Nashville and became the focus of my creative and business passion.

2007 saw a bit of a professional departure to the world of dog agility.  This started as a hobby which grew quickly into a profession.  Judging the sport was the first foray into professional agility, then on-camera hosting a national TV show and now I’m producing promotional content for agility and canine companies.  Travel has always been a major part of Eclectic Productions and over the past 10 years, Eclectic has focused on theme parks and cruse ship productions which has landed us all over the world.

Eclectic Productions is international and multi-talented.  You want it - we will make it happen - just ask!