Just Add Harp -

In-House Harpist.  You read correctly, you need an ACTUAL harp sound; here it is.  Phyllis, my wife, is the first call session harpist in Nashville.  She will take your music and bring it to life.  Her credits are way too lengthy to place here but she has 7 albums available on iTunes all about her talents.  Let me know - harp sound here.

Just Add Horns -

Real horns, nothing sounds better.  So many acts today tour with a horn section.  Here is where a lot of those sounds are recorded.  My call list includes some of the top session players.  They are available to be on your project.  Supply me a track mix and we can do the rest.  One call and horns can be blasting on your project.

Just Add Strings -

String samples are the rage.  They sound really good, but they are missing one important thing - players.  A keyboardist can be extremely talented but they can’t play a violin.  That sound, that style is unique no matter how much you spend on a sample.  A solo player, quartet, or section, we can handle it all.  We have arrangers ready to take your music and convert it to string speak.  The bow awaits.