The Agility Weekend


This is where all the fun is.  My take on a great weekend is playing with your dogs, hanging with your friends and visiting new places.  I prefer to travel to agility trials.  Playing with your dogs does not need to be at home.  Take the time, meet new friends and discover new places.  There’s a whole world out there, get out and play.

Another major part of the agility weekend is giving back.  My world consist of raising money for Bladder Cancer Research Grant at Purdue Univ.  Always give back while playing.

Welcome to “The Agility Weekend”

Handling Thoughts:

Agility is a dance

  1. Approach agility like it’s a dance - except your partner can’t hear the music.


  1. Converse with your teammate.  They need to know where they are going.


  1. Keep pressure on obstacles.  If you stay focused on the obstacles, then your teammate will stay focused.


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