Canine agility is a sport like no other.  It requires athleticism, patience, analysis and practice.  The later being the most important.  Agility can be run in many different ways - with, behind, or in front of the dog or at a distance.  The whole catch to this sport is your teammate.  They understand more then we know they do but neither of us truly understand what the other is thinking.  And that is the challenge.

I have made a second career in this sport.  Fiona has multiple titles in multiple venues (few dogs have this).  I am an active judge for one of the venues.  In 2012 and 2013, I hosted a TV series on FamilyNet about agility and gave seminars on the best ways to run and compete in this sport.  Almost every weekend I am at an agility event.
Nick Sparks Agility
Since Fiona, I have added three other Shelties to the “family business”.
Mr Shelby was the next in line.  Phyllis, my wife and first call session Harpist, runs him when her schedule permits. 
Daphne was added next.  She was born at the Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue.  You can tell she wants to be the next Fiona but is still trying to find her way.  She currently sits in the top levels of three venues and has earned a spot in two Nationals for 2015.  She will be my next MACH, NATCH and C-ATCH dog.
Mickey is a true rescue.  He made it thru the rescue system after being found on the streets.  Just looking at him one can tell he is grateful and enjoying every minute of a solid family and a job.  He is showing great potential for minimal training.  Bottom line, they are all having fun.