What I Do
I have made a name in the world of music review shows.  Focusing on making a mix sound amazing in venues around the world has become my passion.  Each location is different.  If you feel that an engineer can mix only in a sterile environment of a studio and make it translate perfectly in an amphitheater with a 4 second decay, then you haven’t done this very long.  And yes, I was in a theatre with a 4 second decay. 

There have been projects where I sat in the theatre with the performers and shifted the show as they rehearsed.  This makes for a perfectly timed show.  And makes the client really happy to see the attention to detail you, as the producer, have for their project.

I have also worked on music for rides.  My latest was a project outside of Hong Kong where it tested my abilities as not only an engineer but computer arranger as well.  The ride had multiple locations for different bits of music.  The amps were in a basement room and I needed to ride and mix.  Email me and I will tell you how I made that work - and it wasn’t a long cord.
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Nick Sparks

Location Mixing
Theme Parks
Cruise Ships
Stationary Shows
Pre-production mixes
Live Recordings
Multiple IAAPA awards
Multiple Grammy Noms
Extensive Discography
China savvy
Travel Pro Tools rig
Two Business Degrees

A Great Group
Matt Davenport
THE theme park person. MDP has been at the top of the game for years.

John Hinchey
He has been in the theme park game long enough to say “I did it on analog.”  If you want a show to sound perfect and real, this is the person.

Lloyd Barry
The gospel world bows before this great writer/arranger for all of his talents. His work has been tied to multi Dove and Grammy awards. 

Allan Stein
His name is known the theme park world over. Nuff Said
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