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Wine bars and the people who bring them to life have become my passion.  It is wonderful to stumble across a new place just to see what face they want to bring to the wine world.  A truly great wine bar is one that welcomes all, offers a level of education and has an amazing wine list not found elsewhere.


Wine Bar Travels

I found myself drawn to wine almost 20 years ago.  I really considered becoming a Sommelier.  French wine is my choice.  After a visit to the first wine bar in book one, Morrell, I realized my enjoyment of wine was more based on location and people then just wine, so I set out to locate unique places around the world focusing on wine.  This journey has been fantastic.  Each book has 30 to 50 new places and all have new friends.  The drawback is now that I have these great friends and connections, I can't decide weather to find new ones of visits old friends.